What is a Corporate Flight Attendant?

Corporate flight attendants are flight attendants on business and private aircraft. Corporate Flight Attendants do not work on commercial airlines like Delta, Southwest, etc.

What will you learn in Corporate Flight Attendant Training?

  • Business Etiquette
  • Proper Grooming and Dress
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Evacuations from real business jet
  • Corporate Flight Attendant Duties & Responsibilities
  • Overview of Business Aircrafts
  • Catering 5 Star Presentations and Garnishing
  • Food Safety
  • Cleaning
  • Scheduling /Dispatch questions for each trip

Why should I receive formal attendant training?

1. You will need all the certifications in order to be able to fly if you do not have them already.

2. Formal corporate flight attendant training is very specific for the type of aircraft and the clients that are serviced in those aircraft. Many experienced airline cabin attendants find this training extremely valuable when they step into an private aircraft.

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Classes are held in Fort Lauderdale

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Classes are held in Atlanta, Savannah, Paris, Teterboro