was built to help provide a direct search of corporate contract pilots and corporate contract flight attendants. Most aviation employment sites simply post jobs and then require job seekers to send resumes in hopes of getting a return call. However as we have found many of these sites post fake jobs and often cause more stress then good.

At we allow pilots and flight attendants to make their own profile and employers or industry persons may search this directory and contact who they wish. The corporate pilot and flight attendant directory is organized correctly and simple to use. This saves employers time and removes the stress of having to sort through hundreds of resumes when needing to hire a pilot or flight attendant.

Why should corporate pilots join

  • Earn extra money on your days off and network with employers
  • Stay visible to top employers who do not post jobs
  • Many pilots get offered full time employment after flying a contract trip
  • Network with other pilots to help each other find employment
  • The site is great for helping unemployed pilots get through tough times
  • Used by most all large aviation staffing companies

Why should corporate flight attendants join

  • Largest contract flight attendant directory in the industry
  • Easy to update profiles, calendar, and images
  • Earn extra money on your days off and network with the industry
  • Stay visible to aviation employers in case a good job becomes available
  • Used by most all large aviation staffing companies

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What makes different from other corporate aviation job sites?
First, we are not a traditional job site because we are more of a directory. We simply allow corporate pilots and corporate flight attendants make profiles and then let the aviation employers search for free! No catch there, no scam, no joke! Before you consider other sites think about the fact that they often make up jobs, fake emails, or use “confidential” as the company name. Of course at those other sites you never know if anyone got a call back or if anyone was hired because you don't even know who was hiring in the first place. We do not tease you with a bunch of jobs because most of the time employers simply contact our members directly via the phone.

Corporate pilot employment is very different from the airlines because the need to meet insurance requirements and industry standards. Many times that means an aviation employer must hire a pilot who has been trained in a certain aircraft and has many hours of experience in that aircraft. helps make that a simple process by quickly allowing the employers a search by aircraft make and model.

How much is it and how do I get started?

  • The price is $29 per year for a basic membership.
  • The price is $99 per year for a standard membership.
  • The price is $199 per year for a pro membership.
  • New members can sign up at the top of the page (sign up)
  • Build your profile, aircraft, and update your calendar
  • Return weekly to update your calendar or profile

What is a Flycontract Pro account?

We offer a higher level of accounts for members who consider themselves a full time contractor. The aviation industry has many people who work full time as a contract pilot or contract flight attendant. The account level knows as “Flycontract Pro” allows those users to stand out from the crowd and get top placement within the web site. Pro members get top placement on the pilot search or flight attendant search. They also get multiple images and addition document downloads. This upgrade costs $100 a year more than our basic membership of $79 per year.

How does rank members on the search pages?

  • Top placement goes to (Flycontract Pro) account holders
  • Rankings are based on the last updated calendar for each member
  • By updating your calendar you are helping employers find who they need
  • The search can also have filters by location or training.

Should I contact members of your site to ask about joining?
Many people do this however please remember one thing. If you were a G5 pilot and another G5 pilot emailed wanting to know if you get a lot of work from would you email them saying “yes I have received many good jobs”? No you would not because you do not want more competition. We have seen members claim the site does not work yet they have been a member for the past 2 or 3 years.

  • Notice how many people are part of this site and how well it is built
  • Look at search engine rankings such as (contract pilots, contract flight attendants, corporate pilot jobs, and many more)
  • Compare our site to other industry sites and you will notice we have more pilots, more flight attendants, and a much better built web site

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