What types of corporate pilots and flight attendants have profiles on our directory?

Professional Contract Pilots
These pilots run it like a business and their reward is they get to live anywhere they want for the most part. Some even have their own LLC, pay for their own training, and have their own insurance.

Corporate Pilots in Transition
These pilots might have left a company or the company shut down their flight department. In corporate aviation it happens often and these pilots are flying contract until the right opportunity presents itself.

Fully Employed Corporate Pilots
This type of pilot is happily employed but would like to pick up flying in their downtime. Often aircraft can be down for weeks or months for maintenance and flying part time keeps their skills sharp. Of course it is always nice to pick up some extra flying and help someone else out. After all flight departments come and go so it is nice to have connections.

Professional Corporate Flight Attendants
Most flight attendants tend to be full time contractors in this industry. These members live anywhere they wish and they pay for their own training.

Part Time Corporate Flight Attendants
Some flight attendants have another job that gives them the flexibility to fly the occasional trip.

How do we help Corporate Pilots and Corporate Flight Attendants find jobs?

Most sites post pilot jobs. We don't post jobs because flight department's are busy and do not wish to sift through hundreds of resumes. Also many of these corporate pilot and corporate flight attendant job boards post fake jobs. We created a more direct way to hire a contract pilot or flight attendant. The corporate pilot or contract flight attendant signs up, creates a profile, and then the employers search for the person they wish to hire!

At Flycontract.com we do not recommend anyone to an employer. We never get involved in the jobs themselves. We simply try our best to keep the site professional. All members on the site work for themselves or a staffing service. We never employee any of the members directly. It is the honest way of doing business and we never make an exception.

We encourage all aviation employers and members to always use caution when dealing with persons you might not know. Employers should ask members for proof of person, training, records, or FAA licenses. Members should ask employers for information in order to validate the flight department that is looking to hire.