Connie Wong

(Contract Corporate Flight Attendant)

State of NY

Airline Airports of Choice: HPN

Member since 2017

Views 31

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Are you seeking fulltime employment? No

Smoker No

Passport Yes

Flight Attendant School SkyAngels SKYacademy

School Date 06-24-2022

Food Preparation Yes

Years of Experience 1

Total Flight Hours 0

Turbo Prop Hours 0

Jet Hours 0


Medical Class

Languages English, Chinese, Yue (Cantonese)

- Available out of HPN, TET, FRG, SWF, TVC, and SJC - Experience on the Global Express 6000, Falcon 2000, and Challenger serving UHNW individuals with 15 PAX - Please call me if your regular F/A needs a break or if you need last minute assistance! - Experienced server and bartender in 4-star restaurant and corporate hotel - Extensive experience serving as event/meeting coordinator and International Affairs Officer in the military. Extensive experience with VIPs, diplomats, and their families. - Experienced personal assistant with signed NDAs - Extensive worldwide experience - Repeatedly lauded for making the best martinis! - Graduate of US Air Force Protocol (VIP/Event Coordinator) Training Class - Graduate of Beyond and Above Corporate Initial Flight Attendant Training - Recurrent Training recently completed 6/24/22 with Sky Angels in Santa Rosa, CA - Graduate of ABC Bartending School - ServSafe & First Aid/CPR Certification in-progress - Hospitality and entertainment are in my blood! I am experienced with serving UHNW individuals on various private jets, and I enjoy every minute of it! I am also a veteran with 20+ years of military service. In addition to serving as a Human Resources Officer, I also served as a Protocol Officer (VIP/Event Coordinator) and International Affairs Officer representing 23,000 soldiers and airmen. Please call me if you need last minute assistance! Thank you!

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