Natalie Rader

(Contract Corporate Flight Attendant)

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Passport Yes

Flight Attendant School Beyond & Above

School Date 06-08-2021

Food Preparation Yes

Years of Experience 7

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Medical Class

Languages English

My aviation "career" began while aboard a flight to Disney World while only 4 years old. My heart took flight at this tender age when I saw the FA at the front of the cabin doing her safety demonstration, and it never landed since that time. I was in awe of her orange triangle hair and how she moved up and down the aisles with poise and grace. I felt as if I was watching a movie play out before my child like eyes. At that moment, I told my mother that "I am going to be a flight attendant when I grow up." And so I did. Growing up, my dream never wavered by those around me and in my 20s, I am hired by Delta Airlines. Within a month of being hired, I became International Purser qualified - the most junior Purser in Delta's team. With my 5 years there, I traveled to 25 countries and all over the USA, with a good majority of trips flying Purser. Because I am obsessed with being extraordinary in everything that I do, I do not settle for anything less. I began to pursue corporate aviation in order to have that 1-1 experience with each client that comes across my path, and obtained every type of high value training I could consume. I dove into the Flightess Mentorship program where I learned white glove service, inflight butler training, fine dining plating, floral design, and VIP body language & communication. Safety is always the priority so I am trained in compliance with Part 91, Part 125, and Part 135. I am also skilled in self defense, sea survival, emergency equipment, and G550 aircraft evacuation. I have my passport, Brazilian Visa, Russian Visa, Egyptian Visa, and Yellow Fever Vaccination. Non-smoker, CPR First Aid AED cert up to date, and undeniably a Pet Lover! I am eager to continue fulfilling my life purpose in serving you in the sky - feel free to reach out by phone (501.336.7436) or email ( I am available for ASAP trips, repositioning to your aircraft, as well as long term service to you, your family, and colleagues. It is an honor to serve you. Yours Inflight, Natalie Rader

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