Maria Sloan

(Contract Corporate Flight Attendant)

State of FL

Airline Airports of Choice: FLL

Member since 2021

Views 18

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Are you seeking fulltime employment? Yes

Smoker No

Passport Yes

Flight Attendant School Other

School Date 09-19-2021

Food Preparation Yes

Years of Experience 3

Total Flight Hours 0

Turbo Prop Hours 0

Jet Hours 0


Medical Class

Languages English

As a corporate flight attendant, I have received training in standard flight attendant responsibilities, including anticipating and meeting the needs of passengers, organizing and managing the passenger area of the aircraft during all stages of a flight, and culinary skills such as handling catering orders and presenting meals. The training also provides education in emergency and first aid training and how to properly deal with a situation that could occur during any flight, routine or otherwise. All course instruction provided meets Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements for Part 91, 125, and 135 operations. My airport of choice is FLL, but I am available to fly out of South Florida Airports.

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