Gary H

(Contract Corporate Flight Attendant)

State of NV

Airline Airports of Choice: ANY

Member since 2015

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Are you seeking fulltime employment? Yes

Smoker No

Passport Yes

Flight Attendant School FlightSafety

School Date 11-30-2021

Food Preparation Yes

Years of Experience 17

Total Flight Hours 0

Turbo Prop Hours 0

Jet Hours 0


Medical Class

Languages English

European trained Chef, Butler, Sommelier, Personal Valet, Corporate Flight Attendant seeking Full or Part time. Extensive experience with Royalty. Head of State, Celebrities and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals. Extensive Worldwide experience including Europe, South America, Asia, Africa, Middle East and South Pacific. Experience on following aircraft Gulfstream G-IV, G-V, G550, G-650 (Flight Saftey Certified G-650) Falcon 200 & 900, Global XRS Boeing BBJ 1 & 2, V.VIP 757 and 737, Corporate Airbus A319/321. Flight Saftey International trained and always willing to sign NDA and Confidentiality agreements with over 30 already executed and in place. References & Resume upon request. VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY. FOR BEST CONTACT EMAIL, TEXT or leave message on phone number as often out of the country working so I am Away from my phone, Thank You

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