Rebecca Berardi

(Contract Corporate Flight Attendant)

State of FL

Airline Airports of Choice: KPBI

Member since 2021

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Are you seeking fulltime employment? Yes

Smoker No

Passport Yes

Flight Attendant School Aircare FACTS

School Date 09-23-2021

Food Preparation Yes

Years of Experience 6

Total Flight Hours 0

Turbo Prop Hours 0

Jet Hours 0


Medical Class

Languages English

Spent the last 6 years working for a private company that owned 2 Embraer Legacies 600/650 that was with two of the largest 135 charter companies, Delta Private Jets and then Executive Jet Management. From 2015 to 2021 was trained as a crew member with EJM for all 135 flights, was able to do the passenger briefings, checking passenger ID's and other responsibilities the PIC gave me. Airplanes were operated both part 91/135 with part of my responsibilities being to make sure the airplane was ready for the owner with his likes and cabin configuration as well as changing it out for charter clients. My responsibilities included but not limited to, ordering catering, cleaning, stocking and prepping the airplane for the next flight. Making sure that the clients had a comfortable and relaxing trip on the our airplane. Above all was to ensure the safety of the passengers and the cabin of the airplane. Many clients have taken the time to write EJM about the great service that experience on their flight. My goal, when assigned, a flight and on the airplane is to make the pilots job easier by making sure I have what I need for the flight, ordering catering if needed, and letting the line service know what I need and not interrupt the pilots while they are doing there safety checks. I enjoy my job and can't wait to fly with you.

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