(Contract Corporate Flight Attendant)

State of CA

Airline Airports of Choice: KVNY

Member since 2022

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Are you seeking fulltime employment? No

Smoker No

Passport Yes

Flight Attendant School FlightSafety

School Date 06-14-2022

Food Preparation Yes

Years of Experience 12

Total Flight Hours 0

Turbo Prop Hours 0

Jet Hours 0


Medical Class

Languages Spanish, Russian, Italian, English

Available immediately for contract work, I’m an ambitious corporate cabin aide with 12 years of experience in the aviation industry. Also presently employed as an entry-level commercial pilot at a FAR 135 carrier.  I fully understand all aspects of our collective mission to safely and efficiently serve the customer. I’m seeking to combine my talent and experience gained over the years working as a Delta Flight Attendant, nutritionist coach, Restaurant owner, Delta Sky lounge bar manager, NYC  and LA upscale restaurants bartender, sommelier/wine consulting, mixologist. FSI cabin aide trained, trilingual: English, Spanish and Russian, basic Italian, French, German.  Environmental protection engineering degree. I’ve visited over 68 countries ( very familiar with a visa regulations).  Available immediately for contract work, I have a very flexible schedule.  I’m vaccinated and hold 2 passports. I look forward to providing a top notch experience to your passengers. Please let me know if you need more information about me. I look forward to working for you as soon as you have a need.

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